Shockley Signs with Reinhardt

“I am excited to start this new chapter of my life. When I first came to Banks County, everyone treated me like family. I was immediately welcomed into this community, and I feel Reindhradt has the same feeling. It is small and has the same values of Christianity that I have been exposed to here in Banks County”, said Shockley. 

Shockley is a two-time all-regional football player for Banks County High School and the type of kid that coaches remember.

“Shockley is the type of player who works hard and is also an excellent team player. What I will miss the most about him are the relationships he has built with all of us. As coaches, we develop these relationships and then know they must leave. It is tough to raise and watch them go, but Shockley is the type of player we do not forget”, said head Coach Jay Reid.

Shockley has broken numerous school records over his athletic career but credits his success to his coaches and family. To Shockley, family means more than blood; it means the abundance of people who have stepped up in his life after facing some tough challenges.

“Without my Nana, I do not think I could have done it. I never had a father figure, but many people have stepped in to help fill that role. My past coaches at East Hall and those at Banks County High have played such a role in my life. Jeremy Powers and Kayla Eger have become my family, and Shane and Alisha Roberts are my extended family. They have both helped and encouraged me to apply for college and do what I must do to get there”, stated Shockley.

Shockley decided to pursue college late in his junior year, but when he found Reinhardt, he realized it was time to get serious about his future.

“My freshman and sophomore years, I did not focus on school. I highly encourage anyone considering college to focus on their grades, whether they play a sport or not. Reach out to your teachers for help. Mrs. Noel Ventrice has helped me so much in my math class; honestly, all of my Banks County High School teachers have helped me. Banks County High School is really like a family. The teachers here really care about the students they teach”.

Shockley will graduate this spring with the class of 2023, leaving one piece of advice to those following his legacy. “Do not let your past define you. Find a way to break any curse, and remember all things are possible”.