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Final Exam and EOC Information

EOC Exam Dates May 8th-May 12th
The EOC testing week for Spring 2023 is May 8th-12th.  The specific subject dates are listed below.  Other than any needed make-up sessions, all testing, regardless of the period a student is assigned to the class, will be held in the morning on the assigned day. 
Biology-May 8
Algebra-May 9
AmLit Section 1-May 10
AmLit Sections 2/3-May 11
US History-May 12 
Final Exam Dates December  15th and 16th
A student can exempt finals with a 90% or higher and 3 or fewer unexcused absences or an 80% or higher with 2 or fewer unexcused absences. 
EOCs are December 5th-9th.