Banks County High School Announces Top Three in Class of 2023

All three students are stellar scholars, leaders, athletes, club representatives, and marching band members, which are just a few of their roles at BCHS. 

But more importantly, these three individuals are always friends with anyone they meet. They are often seen walking the campus with new students, showing upcoming 8th graders the school's layout, and even running errands for teachers around the school.

"They have represented Banks County High School exceptionally well during their high school careers. These three individuals are extremely motivated and talented. They have high standards for themselves. I expect that same drive and excellence will follow them well after they leave Banks County Schools. We are so proud of them", stated Principal Mike Brown.

Troy Loggins, Valedictorian, plans on attending either Clemson or the University of Georgia when he graduates. He will major in engineering to pursue a career in prosthetics or airplanes.

Loggins, who has also been a part of the cross country and track teams, Interact and BETA Clubs, and is an avid hiker and mountain biker, has led an impressive career at BCHS.

Loggins credits several people at BCHS for his success, including Will Foster and Robin Easley.

Foster was Loggins's business technology teacher and cross-country coach. "Foster has always been there for me. Mrs. Easley makes being a part of the front office fun", said Loggins.

"Being a part of these programs gave me a chance to learn. My math and science courses have also been essential to my learning at BCHS. Even this year, serving as an office assistant has given me the experience for my future. I think it is important that future students never be afraid of a challenge. It just makes you a better student", said Loggins.

Salutatorian Nayyan Halvorsen has plans to attend Georgia Tech next year and major in Computer Science.

"I like the idea of assembling hardware and putting something back together. It is like a puzzle that I need to solve."

She credits the math and science courses taken at BCHS for providing her with that foundation. Halvorsen is also part of the marching band, BETA, and Theater Club at Banks County High School.

"I joined the marching band late, and it was challenging to learn new instruments, but everyone in the band welcomed me. It has been really fun to be part of it", said Halvorsen.

Halvorsen enjoys reading and learning how to play the drums. One of her favorite teachers at BCHS was Spanish teacher Mrs. Heather Maxwell.

"She is always so nice to everyone and gives out candy. Everyone likes candy, even high schoolers", stated Halvorsen.

First Honorarian and STAR student Abigail (Abby) Caroline Irvin has plans to attend the University of Georgia or Vanderbilt University in the fall. She will major in Computer Science. However, she also loves journalism, photography, and history.

"I enjoy talking with people and learning about them. Everyone and everything have a story behind it", said Irvin.

Irvin's favorite teacher at BCHS has been Mr. Gary Goodson.

"He is very entertaining and brings history to life. I think that is why I love history so much", stated Irvin.

Irvin has been a part of BCHS Theater, BETA, Yearbook, FBLA, and Volleyball Team.

"I would encourage anyone that wants to be in the top three of their class to take AP courses. They are challenging, but they prepare you for the next level and enhance your overall GPA," she added.

Banks County High School will host graduation on May 26th at Banks County Leopard Stadium.