Banks County High School Celebrates Pi Day!

Banks County High School Math teacher Mrs. Brittany Brown is no stranger to the celebration. Her math classes have been part of this tradition since she arrived at Banks County High School. Students look forward to her celebration each year.

"It is a great day to learn how Pi has evolved over thousands of years and is currently used in modern-day, real-life applications such as physics, chemistry, computers, and so much more," said Brown.

Students participated in a school-wide scavenger hunt where they searched for things related to Pi. They found digits, dates, round objects, and even Albert Einstein, whose birthday is on Pi Day.

Each class also took pictures of objects shaped like "pi" and participated in a free-hand circle drawing contest. The day ended with each class enjoying treats shaped like "pi."

Banks County High School offers several math options for students and is currently registering students for the upcoming school year. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor, Lynn Suggs or April Loggins, with questions or concerns.