Eli Ward Commits to Brevard College

The two-star athlete chose Brevard for many reasons.

The class sizes are very similar to the class sizes in high school, and the school focuses on hands-on learning.  I think the size of the school and the teaching styles align with how I learn.  The coaches also played a huge role in what made me choose Brevard. I enjoyed being around players and coaches up there on my visits”, stated Ward.


Ward is looking forward to “building new friendships, growing in my athletic ability, and working on getting a degree that I can use to support myself and my future family, but I will miss my relationships with people (from Banks County). I have known many of my classmates and teammates since kindergarten,” said Ward.   


Ward credits his success to his family, coaches, teammates, and teachers.


My mom and teachers helped me with my grades and keeping them up. I wouldn’t be able to go to college without good grades. I would also like to thank God for this opportunity because I wouldn’t have this opportunity without Him.  My whole family has been supportive.  I have always been blessed to have family in the stands cheering me on.  My mom and dad have spent many hours taking me to practices and games''. 


“My coaches have also been supportive and helped me athletically by making me into the football player I am. Every sport I have played over the years has added to my abilities. I also want to give credit to my teammates and friends.  They have helped me through some challenging games and have always encouraged me ”,  stated Ward.   

“Eli is a tremendous young man who has worked hard to achieve his goal.  He dealt with tremendous adversity throughout his senior year, but his character and perseverance have led him to this tremendous accomplishment.  He will undoubtedly be successful because of his character, work ethic, and the support system this great community provides him”, said Coach Jay Reid.

Ward will attend Brevard College in the fall of 2023.