BCHS Launches New CTAE Pathway: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications.

The new program already has over one hundred students enrolled.

CTAE Teacher Jason Sexton has set several goals for the program.

"We want our students to understand the importance of learning how marketing and video are essential tools in business. Our goal for this class is to equip students with the tools needed to enter the business workforce in marketing,  A/V technology skills, and communications. We also have plans to launch a podcast and produce some quality broadcast videos. We just produced our first hype video for softball". Sexton said.

High school students Arely Ramirez, Kane Smith, and Carmyn Williams find the class interesting and something they will take with them when they leave high school.

"It is a class where we can be creative. We are learning how to video and edit", stated Williams.

Ramirez added, "I like learning about the film industry. We just completed a video of a dialogue documentary, which was interesting. We work together on most things, making it much more fun. You learn a lot from each other. It was a lot harder than I originally thought it would be".

"It is a challenging class, but when the final product comes together, the challenge was worth it," said Smith, who is set on one day working in the film industry as a director.

The class is currently working on projects such as learning how to film in a line, the angles of video shooting, commercial production, documentaries, and scenery creation. The class has also been learning how to use a drone.

"The students are finding their niches; that makes this pathway so unique. It offers a variety of learning for our students. When they produce a solid product like a marketing video, those skills can be carried with them throughout high school and eventually into the workforce", Sexton stated.

Sexton is also collaborating with Language Arts classes this year in script writing and will incorporate it with the next project in the course.

Students interested in this CTAE pathway can contact counselors James Dye or April Loggins.