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Work Based Learning

The Banks County Work-Based Learning Program is an educational option that prepares high school students for the world of work through a combination of academic and workplace learning.  It is based on the belief that our youth must be better prepared for the future if they are to be successful in a competitive, global economy.

Admission Policy

Have an identified career goal; at least 15 years of age; enrolled in a related CTAE class/program; reliable transportation; on track for graduation; good attendance record; and completed the WBL application process.  

Course Goals

  • Provide students with a safe and educationally sound work environment, and assist in the development of appropriate dress, promptness, and courtesy in the workplace
  • Provide an opportunity for learning useful employability skills on real jobs under actual working conditions
  • Empower students to think critically and for themselves
  • Assist students in the development of good work habits, attitudes, appreciation, and respect for work necessary for individual maturity and job competence
  • Expose students to an additional learning situation for developing marketable skills
  • Require prompt completion and maintenance of all necessary forms/reports related to employment
  • Provide a realistic environment in which the student may explore interests/abilities while increasing awareness of career planning